Winter Varsity Entrepreneur Internship (VEIN)

Are you looking for an internship opportunity or keen to explore a career in the financial industry? Join our Winter Varsity Entrepreneur Internship (VEIN), a four-week internship program organised by Win Advisors and supported by Win Financial Group, happening from 5 December 2022 to 30 December 2022!⁣⁣

During the four weeks, you will learn how to craft a business plan, get personal mentoring by successful practitioners from the Financial Services industry and obtain CMFAS Certification.⁣⁣

Begin your career with us today! Register using the link,, or drop us an email at

Registration closes on 28 November 2022, Monday. 

#NotJustAnotherInternship #whatareyouwaitingfor

  • Date : 05 Dec 2022 - 30 Dec 2022
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